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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is air travel included in travel packages?

    Air transportation is not included with our package and travelers will need to make their own arrangements. This allows travelers to pick their fare categories, use reward miles, or extend their total trip at their discretion.
  • Can we extend our visits?

    Travelers are welcome to plan extended visits arriving before or departing after the planned trip dates.

    Any travelers who arrive at a destination before the package start date will be picked up at their local accommodations on the date the trip begins. Any travelers who choose to linger afterwards, will likewise be transported to their local accommodations when the rest of the group travels to the airport on the final day.

    Houston Outbound is available to assist with accommodations and reservations for independent travel at destinations around the world. Please contact us if you would like to request more information or assistance.

  • What about Insurance?

    All travelers with Houston Outbound are will be enrolled in international health and evacuation insurance during the length of the tour in Nicaragua. Our travel partner AEA also maintains general, professional and automobile liability coverage of $1 million.

    Trip cancellation insurance is not included but both Houston Outbound and AEA recommend trip cancellation insurance. We can recommend where to buy this, but we neither require nor purchase this on the travellers’ behalves.

  • Who is AEA and why are they your travel partner?

    We partnered with AEA to ensure our travel operations are overseen by an established group with years of  experience in sending travelers to diverse ports of call.

    AEA was established in 2005 to create customized group travel built around a subject expert or specialist that accompanies each group. It has primarily created highly specialized study abroad experiences for universities and institutions across North America and beyond, including Rice University, and has sent more than 2,500 travelers to destinations across Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa.

    In each country that AEA operates, it assigns a country manager and program manager, assures 24-hour emergency assistance, and provides local, knowledgeable, English-speaking guides to each group. All experiences are completely custom-created for each group based upon their specific needs and interests.

    Since 2013, AEA has been expanding its scope to include expert-led custom tours appealing to travelers outside of the academic realm. Click here to learn more about AEA and view the testimonials on their website.

  • Does Houston Outbound and AEA have people on the ground in the destinations you visit?

    Yes, AEA has local program managers, 24-hour emergency contacts, and local guides through its supplier network. Each international group will be accompanied by at least one local, knowledgeable and English-speaking guide.